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About Us

Earth Creates Art collection was inspired by my passion to respect the Earth that sustains all life as we know it. Life is able to thrive fully when we stop to remember how the Earth provides so much to us in every way possible from the air we breathe to the vegetation that nourishes us physically and spiritually. Mother Earth speaks to us in many forms and ways. It has been my greatest pleasure to capture some of that wisdom and spirituality in photographs I have taken during my travels.

Each photograph has a message, a motivation or even a memory that is unique and different for each person who views it as is true with all inspirational art. It is the Earth speaking to us in the most loving way possible. Spirit guides us to find the message this Art is bringing, as it might well be known only to you.

I have found a profound connectedness in Mother Earth that reaches deep into all aspects of my life. When I respect the Earth and take better care of my environment, I naturally start taking better care of myself, which in turn allows me to care better for my family and loved ones, which in turn inspires them to take care of the environment as so on and so on. I hope you find as much joy and empowerment in owning one or more of these photographs that clearly speak to you as it gave me in taking them.

Over the years, many of these locations that I visited have become extra special to me in that it was where I received great personal insight that helped me grow. It was through my photography that Spirit would show me beautiful and awesome images of faces and bodies formed by Mother Earth.

I am clairvoyant and clairaudient which allows me to hear and see spirit forms in the earth as well as talk to the Spirits of those who have passed on. I choose to use my gifts to help others by empowering them to achieve what they desire and continue the journey they came here to live. To read more about me check out my other web site

May the Spirit of Earth be with you