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Our products are designed for you to experience a deeper connection to yourself and your Spiritual journey 

Our hand-made line of natural products may contain crystals or stones:
~ Soy-based Candles ~
~ Essential Oil ~
~ Bath Salts ~
~ Tea lights ~

They are crafted to address a spectrum of emotions. We have a candle, oil and bath salt to assist you with all those situations, events, and other personal matters. Choose one or combine several of our products to enrich your daily life. Let our products bring enjoyment to each new sunrise, sunset, and all the minutes in between.

Candle Magic
Whether you desire to bring into your life positive experiences (success, money, love, happiness),or let go of old habits (unhealthy relationships, unworthiness, negative thinking), that keep you stuck, use these candles to help you create the positive changes you desire in your environment and your personal space.

How to use Candle Magic:

Write your name or the person you are desiring to help receive the intentions you desire, 3 times on the back of the candle, (magic marker works wonderful) then draw an arrow down to the bottom of the candle. On a piece of paper write your desire/intention for yourself or another (be it to receive good things into your life or release negative habits/beliefs) place paper under candle.
Light your candle and give your wish, desire, intentions over to the stars, the universe, a higher power, some may call it God. 
Please make sure to keep out of reach from children, animals and any fabric or other items that are flammable. When putting your candle out when you are not around, which is a good thing to do. Please do not blow them out as it changes the energy when relighting. It is best to snuff out the candle with a candle snuffer or object that is safe to use. This way the energy of your intention is still flowing until you can relight when you are with your candle. 

Each candle contains a genuine crystal, infused by the energies of the full moon, for healing and spiritual empowerment. They assist in clearing your energy field, thereby releasing blocked energy in your body and physical emvoriment. Let the candles burn as you go about your daily activities in your home or work place. These candles are a handcrafted, all-natural soy product with cotton wicks. For best results burn candles for a few hours at a time.

~ External use only ~ 3.25' triangular shaped glass container - 6oz

(Sensitive - Fragrance free orders available)
Essential Oil Blends
Each oil contains a genuine crystal, infused by the energies of the new moon for healing and spiritual empowerment. Wear your oils where you desire, they can lift your energy. Put several drops in your favorite lotion or bath water for relaxation and healing. Carrier oil is either Vegetable Glycerin or Coconut Oil. Most are certified organic, everything is natural.

~ External use only ~ .05 oz. Cobalt blue bottles

Bath Salts

Each bath salt contains a genuine crystal, infused by the energies of the new and full moon. Take a relaxing bath and cleanse your energy field using these bath salts. Bath salts are handcrafted, all-natural, unscented salts from the earth with a dash of Epson salt. Each bag contains shell scoop and stone from Mother Earth and makes approximately 5 to 6 baths. Add matching oil from our oil line to heighten your bathing experience.

~ External use only ~ 16 oz. bag
All products are for external use only ~ may be harmful if swallowed ~ keep away from small children.

Each photograph has a message, a motivation or even a memory that is unique and different for each person who views it as is true with all inspirational art. Printed on museum quality art paper.

Crystal Creations
Crystal Creations are as individual and unique as you are individual and unique. They represent your need to feel loved and connected and the ability to receive love. By having your Goddess, Consort and Rainbow in your sacred space they help you to reflect upon self love and self respect. 

Earth Creates Art is a product of Goddess of Spirit, LLC.

You may purchase all our products at our shop in Lincoln City;

Sapphire Center
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